Our story

Vipe 21 was founded in 2021 by a group of former colleagues with a long and varied background from the helicopter business. Business operations commenced February 2022. The company offers operators an agile partner by using modern tools and technology when developing solutions. The focus area of the company is special mission operators that serve the EMS, SAR, police and military market. The name Vipe comes from the Norwegian name for the bird lapwing. The number 21 refers to EASA part 21, but also coincides with the year the company was founded.

The company is currently owned by four of the founders and Cognia Capital. Cognia Capital entered into partnership with the founders during 2023. Vipe 21 has become a part of Cognia’s investment in the emergency services and special missions market.

Board of Directors

Grant T. Larsen

Chairman of the board

CEO and owner Cognia

Nils E. Fredriksen

Board Member

CFO Cognia

Leidulf Heskje

Board Member

Owner Anssec Holding and aviation enthusiast

The core of Vipe 21


Pushing boundaries and creating new markets with our ground-breaking products and operational integrations.


Deliver innovative, complete solutions based on a high level of expertise, continuous learning and in close dialogue with the customer.


To offer our entire expertise and learning by listening.


We maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders and optimize the value of our combined resources


Vipe 21 has their offices in Sandnes, Norway. This is approximately 10 minutes from Stavanger Lufthavn, Sola. The area is the center for helicopter technical services in Norway and has also had significant fixed wing technical services in the past.