Our Mission

Vipe 21’s main focus is on supporting special mission aircraft, namely HEMS, SAR, Police and Military, but we also support small and large aircraft operators with any needs for developing changes to their aircraft. We provide design and certification services, as well as engineering support and consultancy services.


Vipe 21 is the holder of EASA.21J.808 Design Organization Approval with the following approved scope:

  • Major changes to the Type Certificate
  • Minor changes to the Type Certificate
  • Minor Repair Design

Products included in the scope of work:

  • Small Rotorcraft (CS 27)
  • Large Rotorcraft (CS 29)

Technical fields covered within the above products include.

  • Installation of avionics
  • Modifications and repairs of structure
  • Installation of interior components
  • Modification of cabin interior and cabin layout
  • Modification of electrical systems


Future Scope

We are currently in the process of expanding the approval to include small (CS-23) and large (CS-25) aeroplanes, Flight Test Organization, Approval of Flight Conditions and Permit to Fly, and NVIS.


Vipe 21 can also be your partner in engineering and consultancy support in the following areas:

  • Aircraft procurement and inspection
  • Avionic troubleshooting
  • Tender writing