About Us

Vipe 21 AS was established February 1st 2022 by five experienced aviation professional.

Alle employees have between 10 and 36 years of experience with heavy helicopters. In total close to 100 years of experience.

Vipe 21 AS is in the process of obtaining a EASA Part-21 Subpart J design organization approval. The approval number will be 21J.808. Our main focus is to design and certify changes to small (Part-23/27) and large (Part-25/29) aircraft. We have a primary focus on the special missions market, and integration of advanced technology, hence the slogan “You Mission Partner”.

In addition to design work we offer consultancy services in a broad spectre of the aviation market. Vipe 21 is also actively building up a portfolio of product manufacturers we represent in the Scandinavian market.

“Vipe” is the Norwegian name for the bird Lapwing. The Lapwing is quite typical for the area of Norway we live.